Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ansonia Girl Raises Money and Supplies for Animal Shelter

In photo left to right: Mayor Cassetti, Meghan and A.C.O. Roslonowski
ANSONIA - Mayor David S. Cassetti today congratulated Meghan Bosworth, 9, for her ingenuity and spirit of volunteerism. 

Meghan decorated and placed collection boxes in key areas around the city, including City Hall, to help raise money for the city’s Animal Shelter.
Meghan hand crafted the signs placed on the boxes and helped spread the word regarding the need for food, blankets, and toys for the abandoned animals at the Ansonia Animal Shelter. 
Cassetti met with Jeannie Roslonowski, Ansonia’s Animal Control Officer, and Meghan to distribute the donations. 
“Meghan is a caring, bright young girl who took it upon herself to try to help animals in need," Cassetti said. "The best part about what she did was that it was her own idea and was motivated by her genuine desire to help homeless dogs and cats during the coldest months of the year. I admire her compassion and drive," he said.

Meghan, a fourth-grader at John G. Prendergast Elementary School, is a straight A student.
(This is a press release from Mayor Cassetti's office)

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