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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Seymour Man Holds "Silent" Protest on Snow Removal

SEYMOUR- Resident Joseph Luciano staged a "silent protest" outside Town Hall Wednesday (March 8) regarding Seymour's snow removal ordinance.

Although the snow has long since melted, Luciano said downtown business owners, following recent snowstorms, allegedly failed to shovel their sidewalks in a timely manner.

Luciano, who relies on a motorized wheelchair for mobility, said snow blocked portions of downtown sidewalks, preventing him from maneuvering his wheelchair through town, and leaving him cooped up in his nearby apartment for 20 days.
Luciano said most of the sidewalks were shoveled only wide enough to allow a person to pass through. The ordinance requires snow to be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours following a snowstorm.  
"When property owners remove snow to enable only able-bodied persons to move about, but not persons with disabilities, that's discrimination," Luciano said.  

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