Thursday, June 15, 2017

St. Mary-St. Michael School Students Make Honor Roll

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DERBY- The St. Mary - St. Michael School Honor Roll for the third trimester has been announced by Linda T. Coppola, Principal.
Grade 4 HIGH HONORS:  Josh Benedek, Evan DeLucia, Alexis Padilla.
Grade 4 HONORS:  Hallie Beauton, Amelia Blicharz, Logan Bottone, Lucianna Bottone, Gianna Brancato, Britain Calvert, Kaelyn DiMartino, Roman Hescock, John Kostick, Marya Kostick, Alexandru Rusu, Reese Shuart.
Grade 5 HONORS:  Carmel Diur, Angelina McKenna.
Grade 6 HIGH HONORS:  Matthew Capiral, Selena Hescock.
Grade 6 HONORS:  Nicholas Fahy, Jenna LaBranche, Leah Norton, Ariana Rodriguez
Grade 7 HIGH HONORS:Brooke Sobolisky, Emilia Wypasek
Grade 7 HONORS:  Tennyson Delos, Helen Kowarik, Max Shuart
Grade 8 HIGH HONORS:  Maria Ahmed Choudhry, Aryanna Ryan, Daria Wakulczk
Grade 8 HONORS:  Dylan Bellinger, Bridget Calderon, Isabella Hescock, Theresa Kardos, Amber Lagoja, Cassidy McNeil

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