Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Julian A. Taylor Scholarships to be awarded Sunday

ANSONIA - The Julian A. Taylor Scholarship Committee will celebrate its 29th year Sunday at 2 p.m. at John J. Sullivan’s restaurant, 557 Wakelee Ave.
The three awards this year are going to the graduated students from the class of 2011, who are ranked as the three highest African-American seniors to attend a four year university or college.
The students are Miolgens Almezy, attending the University of Connecticut; Tyshawn Cabezudo and Raquel Prescott who are both attending Sacred Heart University.
In addition, the 22 highest- ranking African- American students from the third through the 11th grade receive a small monetary award to encourage them to strive toward excellence.
Sherrod McNeil, Ansonia Teacher of the Year, will be keynote speaker. He teaches at John G. Prendergast Elementary School.
The scholarship honors the memory of the Rev. Julian A. Taylor, a long-time, highly regarded minister at the Macedonia Baptist Church in Ansonia. One of Taylor’s aims in his ministry was to encourage education.
Since the establishment of the Scholarship Committee, more than $177,000 has been distributed to deserving students
In addition, the Valley Community Foundation hosts the Julian A. Taylor Fund to ensure the continuity of the Committee and its efforts.
Donation is $30, and dinner reservations must be made prior to the event. For tickets, contact Evelyn Lindsey, 203-735-0645 or Elezena Anderson, 203-735-0421.

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