Thursday, April 9, 2015

Seymour Martial Arts Academy in 8th year with Seymour Rec Department

SEYMOUR >> The Seymour Martial Arts Academy has been affiliated with the Seymour Recreation Department going into its eighth year now.

During this time SMAA has helped many students achieve more than they thought possible, giving them the strength and ability to learn how to overcome life’s obstacles. While it is not your average Rec program, Master Dean Meier has always helped his students to understand the value of hard work and discipline.

“Not all of them get it right away, but with the continuous support from myself and the reinforcement by their parents, those that have learned how to stick with it have become self-confident, capable, positive students and will surely go forward with the ability to contribute to society in positive ways” says Meier. “I am grateful to them for being my students, and to their dedication in advancing the traditional art of Tang Soo Do."

This program currently has children from ages 6 and up, from the beginners’ white belt level all the way up to the 2nd degree black belt. Ryan McCormick, (seated to the right of Master Meier) age 15, has been training consistently with Master Meier from day one of this program and is also assisting in instructing. A second degree black belt, He recently competed in a tournament winning 2 silver medals in forms competition and free sparring.

Master Meier- fifth degree black belt- is also a founding member of the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan, an international organization presided over by Grand Master Charles Ferraro. TSDMGK is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, a meaningful milestone for a martial arts organization.

This recreation program conducts classes every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings in the Community Center building located at 20 Pine Street. We are always accepting new students, as it is an ongoing program. Anyone wishing to take a free class can call Master Meier at 203-527-5547 to set up an appointment or call 203-888-0406 to speak with Missy Orosz, Part time Recreation Program Director at the Seymour Recreation Department office.

This is a press release from the Seymour Recreation Department.

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