Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Veterans take Derby to task over tattered flags lining downtown

By Jean Falbo-Sosnovich
Register Correspondent

DERBY >> Several veterans Tuesday said they are “heart-wrenched” over the disgraceful condition of some of the flags flying downtown, and said their pleas to city officials to replace them have fallen on deaf ears.

Most of the two-dozen flags hanging from the black lightposts that line Main Street are either tattered and torn, have broken sticks that have been pieced together with duct tape or are lying on the ground, according to Robert L. Federico, a Vietnam veteran, and a fellow Army veteran who wished to remain anonymous.

Federico, a Derby resident who served in the Air Force, said he was outraged when someone brought a flag into the senior center this week that was found on the ground.

“The flag was ripped to shreds,” Federico said. “I was told people also ran over it with their cars. I was agitated, I was irritated and this made me cry at the sight of seeing the flag that I and millions of others fought for to be disrespected like that.”
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