Thursday, October 15, 2015

Derby GOP Mayoral Candidate Rich Dziekan Issues Statement on Bogus Robocall

To the Residents of Derby
The recent robo call that was sent out this past weekend (Saturday Oct 10th ) was NOT paid for by “Rich Dziekan for Mayor” or his camp. The individual who’s message suggested that “Mayor Dugatto is closing Bradley School and shipping kids to the Bridgeport school system to save money for education” is not a Republican or a representative of the Republican Party.
“After investigating the matter further my team and I immediately contacted Mayor Dugatto of our findings (in a conference call) and have passed on the information we were able to obtain; and that the individual who sent out the said robo call has acted alone and on their own accord.” said Rich Dziekan.
(This is press release from Rich Dziekan)
*note: Dugatto has vehemently denied the claim made in the automated phone call, and the Democratic Town Committee is working with state election officials to figure out who is behind it 

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