Monday, March 28, 2016

Conroy Qualifies for "Clean Election Funding"

As a proponent of clean elections and removing special interest money from the State Capitol, Theresa Conroy has qualified for funding under the state Citizens’ Election Program. Conroy is seeking re-election as the state representative for the 105th Assembly District in Seymour, Beacon Falls, and Derby.

“I couldn’t have qualified for the Citizens’ Election Program without the support of the residents of the Valley,” Conroy said.

In order to qualify, candidates must receive donations from at least 150 residents of the towns in their district.

“I am dedicated to serving the people of the 105th District,” Conroy said. “Whether it’s pushing job-growth initiatives or securing funding for our schools, I will continue to fight for the residents of Seymour, Beacon Falls, and Derby.”

The Citizens' Election Program is a voluntary program which provides public financing to qualified candidates for statewide offices and the General Assembly. To participate, candidates must agree to abide by certain guidelines, including contribution and expenditure limits and disclosure requirements. This voluntary public campaign financing program was designed to encourage citizen participation and limit the role of special interest money in the State of Connecticut's political process.

Conroy serves on the Legislature’s Public Health Committee and has been a leader in the state’s policy response to the Opioid epidemic.

“Our state has taken important steps to help addicts and their families,” Conroy said. “But our work is not done. Prescription narcotic pain medication has become a highway to heroin addiction. We are losing too many Connecticut residents to this deadly addiction.”

Conroy said she remains committed to pursuing policies that aid seniors and expand options to age at home.  She has led efforts to develop livable communities.

Conroy is a strong advocate for servicemen and servicewomen and their families and an ally to veterans. She worked as a nurse for 28 years at the West Haven VA Health Center. She holds a master's degree from Fairfield University's Family Nurse Practitioner Program, a bachelor's degree from Southern Connecticut State University and an ADN from Quinnipiac University. She is currently an advanced practice nurse for CVS Minute Clinic.
(This is  a press release from Conroy's campaign)

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