Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Seymour/Derby High School Students Team Up for Healthy Partnership

SEYMOUR = On April 6, 2016, eight students from Seymour High School will visit Derby High school with their physical education and health teacher, Nick Aprea, to team up with eight students from DHS and their teacher, Eric O’Toole.

During the day the students will develop, perform, and film 3-5 minute videos that teachers in Ansonia, Derby, Emmett O’Brien Technical School, Oxford, Seymour and Shelton can use periodically in their classrooms to increase energy levels, attentiveness and work output.  It is their hope to promote activity as well as provide academic benefits.   
This group in partnership with VITAHLS (Valley Initiative to Advance Health and Learning in Schools) brings together Griffin Hospital, The Yale Griffin Prevention Research Center, and area schools.  One of the main goals of VITAHLS is to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity. 
Throughout the day students will be treated to a visit from Dr. Jean Mee, CT State Department of Education consultant for Health and Physical Education.
(This is a press release from Seymour Schools)

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