Sunday, September 25, 2016

Gentile Unveils Vision for Connecticut's Future

Deputy Speaker, Linda M. Gentile, candidate for reelection to 104th District (D-Ansonia/Derby) joined State House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz (D-Berlin/Southington)  to outline a series of policy proposals House Democratic candidates are bringing to voters throughout the state as the fall election season moves into full gear.

Featured in the House Democrats’ vision for Investing in Connecticut’s Future are job creation initiatives, fairer taxes, and a closer scrutiny of all state spending.
Gentile stated, "Investing in Connecticut's future is more than a slogan.  Our policies are about investing in small business, cutting taxes and increasing opportunities for high-wage jobs."

A press conference to unveil the proposals was held at Goodwin College in East Hartford to highlight a key part of the vision, a comprehensive approach to making higher education more affordable, keeping young graduates in our state, and more directly tying curriculum with the needs of business.
“Real leadership is more than simply being negative or launching political attacks. It’s about putting forward a positive vision for Connecticut, including innovative solutions to invest in the middle class, lowering costs for seniors, and reducing the cost of higher education and expanding job training,” Aresimowicz said. “I’m proud to stand with my colleagues, in support of manufacturers, educators, students, and small businesses to put forward our plan to increase the standard of living, provide good jobs with high wages, and invest in the hard-working, middle class families of Connecticut.”
Increased investment in workforce training programs in growth areas such as manufacturing and healthcare, as well as stepped up targeted incentives for small business are crucial to successful job creation initiatives. Last week’s announcement by Pratt & Whitney to hire 8,000 new employees in Connecticut, and their challenge to find skilled workers, emphasizes these needs.  
Specific proposals from the House Democrats’ vision for Investing in Connecticut’s Future include:

  • Historic investment in state’s vo-tech schools and community colleges to step up career development and directly match curriculum with employer needs
  • Exempt social security payments from state income tax to make Connecticut more affordable for seniors
  • Cap state bonding except for economic development initiatives to reduce long term borrowing and state debt     
  • Create an independent oversight board for transportation infrastructure projects to assess economic benefits and ensure taxpayer dollars are being used efficiently  
  • Establish a dedicated 1-800 number and “Angel Investor” program specifically for small business to encourage growth and job creation in this critical economic sector  
  • Exempt new college graduates from the state income tax, and allow student loan debt to be deducted to encourage young people to live and work in Connecticut
"Our plan will grow jobs, protect seniors, and expand educational opportunities to make Connecticut a better place in which to live, raise children, and retire,” said Gentile.     

The complete House Democrats’ vision statement Investing in Connecticut’s Future can be seen at 
(This is a press release from Gentile)

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