Monday, February 27, 2017

Derby Aldermen Vote to Move Baseball Field to Chatfield Street

By Jean Falbo-Sosnovich
Register Correspondent

DERBY >> It’s a homerun for Derby sports, as the Board of Aldermen Thursday (Feb. 23) voted in favor of relocating the existing high school baseball field not too far from its home base, rather than across town.

The aldermen voted based on the recommendation from the Baseball Field Relocation Committee to relocate the baseball field, located next to the football field at the Leo F. Ryan Athletic Complex, to Chatfield Street, where the softball field currently is located.

The baseball field will remain on the school campus, which is what many people pushed for, rather than two other unpopular options that were on the table, Witek Park and Bradley School.

The baseball field, which is not regulation size, needs to be moved to make way for a major athletic complex makeover, which will include construction of an artificial turf field, multi-purpose field and eight-lane rubberized track at Ryan Field. The state Bond Commission approved $2.9 million in funding for the makeover.
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