Friday, February 10, 2017

Gentile Weighs in on Malloy's Budget Proposal

On Wednesday, the governor delivered his annual budget address, proposing significant changes to balance the state’s bi-annual budget.
It is important to note that the governors budget proposal is only a starting point to the process of creating a responsible, balanced budget. This proposal has some good ideas,
such as increased funding to education and special education, but I also fully acknowledge that there are some areas that need vast improvement and I will work diligently to make sure those areas are addressed. I want to emphasize that each proposed change will be carefully assessed for its potential impact on taxpayers and the delivery of services to residents.
I will make sure that we keep all of the things that hard working families value in mind with this budget. Things like, making Connecticut more affordable for seniors, keeping
our young people in the state after they graduate, aligning our education system with jobs and employers needs, and promoting job growth and encouraging economic development.
Since this is only the beginning, I look forward to working collaboratively with my
colleagues across the aisle to craft a budget that protects and preserves all of the
important programs, services and issues that we all value. I will continue working to
ensure that Ansonia and Derby receive the necessary funding needed to properly function
and educate and protect our children, schools, and families. As you already know, my
priority has always been, and will always be, fighting for the needs of my constituents
and protecting hard working families of Connecticut.
Certainly, there are many hard choices and decisions we, as legislators, will need to make
in the coming months to balance the state’s bi-annual budget. As we address
our challenges, I will continue to work to make Ansonia and Derby a better place to live,
work, and raise a family. It is extremely important to me that this budget does the right
thing to strengthen our economy and reflect the priority of the people of Connecticut.
As always, I welcome any thoughts, questions, or suggestions concerning the State
budget process.
(This is an op-ed piece submitted by state Rep. Linda Gentile)

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