Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Derby High School's Class of 1966 to Lead Graduating Class of 2016

DERBY - A New Tradition: Derby High School Class of 1966 to lead graduates in procession. 

In keeping with Derby’s history of creating traditions, the class of 1966 will lead the class of 2016 into Ryan Field for this Thursday’s Derby High School Graduation Ceremony.
The brain child of Connie Condon, who is a consultant for Derby Public Schools and the wife of David Condon (Derby Class of ’66), was put on the table during a strategic planning meeting and within minutes the ball was rolling and a plan came together. Connie stated, “Honoring Derby High School graduates who are reuniting after 50 years, by their participation in this year’s graduation ceremony, highlights the history and celebrates the future of Derby. Both the 1966 and 2016 graduates share in the Derby High School and Derby Community experiences that have shaped them as people and provided a road map to their success.  They each are part of the fabric that makes Derby a very special place to live.” 

The class of 1966 will be celebrating their 50th class reunion this year and it only made sense they be part of creating a new tradition of leading this year’s class in. 
In addition to leading the class in, they will meet with the class the day before graduation and talk about life in high school 50 years ago, life today and what helped them along the way.
Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Conway stated, “We are thrilled at the opportunity to have the class of ‘66 as part of our celebration and look forward to this tradition happening each and every year moving forward.  I hope to be alive to see the class of 2016 leading in the class of 2066.” 
Dave Condon, Tom Baklik and James Balisciano have reached out to classmates attending the reunion to be held on July 30th and inquired as to their availability to be part of the graduation exercise scheduled for June 9, 2016.  The response has been terrific.  Condon stated he expects about 40 classmates (the class of ’66 had 130 graduates) to be in attendance at the graduation and shared, “50 years after marching into Ryan Field the Class of 1966 will once again be marching. However, instead of anticipating the receipt of our diplomas we will be celebrating the accomplishments of the Class of 2016 as they receive theirs.
Now 50 years later and with the perspective that comes with age we can reflect on the legacy we received from our years at DHS. Our advice to the Class of 2016 is to cherish this moment, look around at your friends and family and remember the lessons you learned while at DHS will last your lifetime and the legacy you carry forward will someday lead you back to this place when you will be celebrating your 50th High School Reunion.”
Derby High School Principal Mr. Martin Pascale stated, “Derby pride will be alive and well on Thursday night, Red Raiders past, present and future will be there to celebrate the class of 2016!”
Derby student and class valedictorian Charlie Sampson shared, “tradition is strong in Derby, I am happy that the class of 66 will be there to share in our accomplishment as we graduate from DHS”
We expect this to be a great night full of tradition.
(This is a press release from Derby Superintendent of Schools Matthew Conway)

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