Friday, June 3, 2016

Former Valley Resident Going for Gold at X-Games

Former 2003 Seymour High School graduate, Richard Kearns, Jr., will represent the USA during the 2016 X-Games this weekend in Austin, Texas.
The X-Games are  known as the Olympics of action sports, where only the best in action sports are selected to compete. 
Kearns was chosen as one of the top 10 freestyle motocross riders  in the world, performing in the "Best Tricks" competition. He is the only rider representing the USA tomorrow night, Saturday June 4, 2016 in the "Best Trick" competition. Kearns will face nine other riders from New Zealand, Japan, France, Australia and Switzerland.  
In 2009, Kearns gave up everything. He sold his driveway sealing business, loaded up his van and drove from his CT home to California to purse a freestyle career. He didn't even start riding until 18. Just two years after getting into bikes, he was landing back flips with ease.  Kearns says his background in extreme skiing and BMX helped with the transition into freestyle motocross. By 2010, he was a regular on the Dew Tour, International Freestyle Motocross Association Tour, the Monster Truck circuit,  Monster Energy Freestyle circuit, appearing at NASCAR events and was the first freestyle motocross rider to land a "dead body back flip" and  the "Paris Hilton back flip".   
Some of Kearns'  highlights of his action sports career since his last appearance at the X-Games in 2010 has been: representing the USA and winning the 2013 X-Pilots World Freestyle Motocross Championship, he appeared in Country Music band Florida Georgia' Lines music video  "This is How We Roll" with Luke Bryan, touring with the Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus Action Sports Tour, performing with the "Metal Mulisha Freestyle Tour",  the ATV Big Air Tour, making appearances at Monster Truck Shows, featured several freestyle motocross documentaries when he was selected as one of the top 50 freestyle motocross riders in the world in 2013 and several State Fairs.   
Currently, Kearns is on a very busy five month tour across the USA where he will be riding in demos, make appearances in the Nitro Circus Tour, the Universal City Soul Circus Tour, the Monster Energy Tour, NASCAR Pit Party Events, several State Fairs, several other freestyle motocross events and competitions.
People can watch Kearns make his bid for the gold medal in the  "Best Trick" competition at the 2016 X-Games in Austin which will be aired on ESPN tomorrow night, June 4th at 9 PM.
(Information from Kearns' father, Richard Kearns, Sr.)

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