Thursday, August 11, 2016

104th District Candidate Urges Rejection of Vehicle Mileage Tax

ANSONIA/DERBY- Attorney Joseph A. Jaumann, candidate for State Representative in the104th District, announced today that he is calling on legislative candidates seeking office to join him in his petition to the Governor to not only reject the vehicle mileage tax, but to return the funds received from the federal government to study a vehicle mileage tax, or alternatively, to withdraw the application submitted to the federal government for such funding.

Jaumann noted that both parties seem to have rejected the concept of a vehicle mileage tax. In recent days, both Representative Gentile and Senator Crisco have issued press releases stating that they are opposed to a vehicle mileage tax. 
Jaumann stated “It’s not enough. We can no longer afford to squander the hard-earned taxpayers’ money to study something our legislators themselves say they have no intention of implementing.
For far too long, government at all levels has haphazardly spent the money entrusted to them by the taxpayers. There is no state money or federal money – there is only the taxpayers’ money. If, as our legislators have stated, there is no intention to implement such a tax, then we should withdraw our application for the grant or send the money back. We should not be wasting taxpayers’ money to study something that has no chance of becoming law.”

“When elected, I pledge to do everything I can to prevent the government from wasting taxpayers’ money. That’s why I am calling on all candidates who are in or seeking legislative offices to join my petition to Governor Malloy to reject the concept of a vehicle mileage tax outright and not accept any federal funding to study such a tax. Then we will know whether the opposition to a vehicle mileage tax is real, or just empty words in an election year.”

 For a link to the petition please visit @Jaumann2016 on Facebook or @JoeJaumann on Twitter

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(This is a press release from Jaumann’s campaign)

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