Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Rock the Valley" was a Rousing Success


ANSONIA- Nearly 8,000 people filled Nolan Field last Saturday evening for a performance by the Cast of Beatlemania and a dazzling display of  fireworks. The occasion was Rock the Valley,
which Mayor Dave Cassetti describes as “a new summer tradition in Ansonia.” 
"It was amazing to see the community come together,” said Mayor Cassetti. “This was our most successful year yet!”
The event was also a success for the various local organizations who came hoping to raise
funds for community causes and programming. This included Valley Save Our Youth,
Ansonia Football, Cheerleading, and the Ansonia Fire Department.
“Events like this can serve as fundraisers for so many good causes,” said Rich DiCarlo, the Rock the Valley’s chief organizer. “It’s not just about great entertainment – it’s about giving back.” To his credit,  Mayor Cassetti was continuously submerged in a dunk tank in support of Ansonia’s Cheerleaders. “A worthy cause,” he was quoted as saying in between dunks.
Mayor Cassetti extended thanks to all those that made Rock the Valley successful this year.
“We had concert goers from every part of the state, along with so many familiar faces
from right here in the Valley,” he said. “I have to give accolades to Rich DiCarlo and his
cultural commission for running such a tremendous program and drawing so many to our
city. Rich and his team are really making Ansonia shine.”
Casseeti also expressed thanks to the bands and vendors.
“I also want to thank all of the bands and vendors that filled the day,” Mayor Cassetti said.
Additional acts included Quicksand Planet, All Funk’d Up, XYZ Revisited, the Kathy Thompson
Band and Monster Eats Pilot. "What an amazing diversity of acts, from jazz and funk to 80s metal. There was truly something for everyone at this event.” 
Cassetti thanked this year's sponsor, Farrel-Pomini Corporation, too.
"Farrel-Pomini is an outstanding community partner that we are so fortunate to have in our city,” Mayor Cassetti said, noting that the new, state-of-the-art Farrel-Pomini world headquarters overlooked the event from its perch atop Fountain Lake. “It is wonderful to see Ansonia and
Farrel moving forward together.”
Talks are already underway for next year’s event.
"We want to keep improving every year,” said Mayor Cassetti
(This is a press release from Ansonia City Hall)

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