Monday, August 22, 2016

Jaumann Qualifies for Citizens Election Program

ANSONIA/DERBY- Political newcomer, Valley-area attorney and Ansonia resident Joseph A.
Jaumann announced today that he qualified for the Citizen’s Election Program (CEP) grant. The
program, designed to eliminate special interest money from Connecticut campaigns, requires a candidate to raise $5,000.00 from at least 150 residents of Derby and Ansonia. The maximum donation allowed is $100.00. 

“Qualifying for the CEP grant in such a short period of time like we have is a testament to the people of the 104th wanting change” Jaumann said. “The support we have received up to this point has been amazing. The people want change, and this grant ensures that we will be fighting to bring about that change every day from now until November 8th!”
Jaumann continued “Over the past 6 years, we have seen the leadership in this state mishandle the budget, raise our taxes, and continue to grow the size of government well beyond our means to support it. Well enough is enough! The elected officials that made these bad decisions need to be held accountable.”
Jaumann is one of the cofounders of the law firm of Drapp & Jaumann, LLC. He serves as
Chairman of Ansonia’s Planning and Zoning Commission, is a member of the Economic
Development Commission, and sits as a hearing officer for Ansonia hearing blight appeals. He is
the former chairman of Ansonia’s Zoning Board of Appeals, having been appointed by Mayor
James Della Volpe. He is also member of the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce.
(This is a press release from Jaumann’s campaign)

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