Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ansonia, Derby take part in wager on baseball game

ANSONIA - On Thursday the Derby aldermen accepted the challenge from the Ansonia aldermen regarding a wager for Saturday’s Antique Baseball Game as a part of SummerFest. 

The event at Nolan Athletic Complex on Wakelee Avenue will celebrate Ansonia’s 125th birthday.

Should the Ansonia Coppermen lose, the Ansonia Board of Aldermen will be required to serve lunch at the Derby Senior Center and if the Derby Osbornedales lose, the Derby Board of Aldermen will be required to serve lunch at the Ansonia Senior Center.

“We accept the challenge from an old time rivalry and look forward to an exciting and fun time for all those involved,” said Barbara DeGennaro, President of the Derby Board of Aldermen.

“Our seniors are already anticipating a delicious lunch to be served by the Derby aldermen,” said Phil Tripp, President of the Ansonia Board of Aldermen.

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