Friday, November 4, 2016

Ansonia Resident Supports Gentile

Dear Editor,

I am officially endorsing Linda M Gentile as my State of Connecticut 104th District Representative. Linda is a lifelong Ansonia resident. Her family has lived here for 3 generations and her commitment to Ansonia and Derby reflects that through her dedication, hard work and many accomplishments

Linda is currently seeking her 7th term as our hometown representative. During her 12 years serving our communities she has been personally responsible for generating millions of dollars to help both Ansonia and Derby. She serves on the commerce, Education, Legislative Management and Bill Screening Committees. These committees all have a direct impact on the most pressing needs for our 104th district and the evidence speaks for itself. For example, the Commerce committee that Linda serves on focuses on 4 specific initiatives the Economy, Job Development, Economic Development and Brownfields. These areas of focus along with her work on the Higher Education committee are the most pressing needs to address as a priority for our cities to thrive.
Mayor Dave Cassetti and his team are doing an outstanding job implementing the state funding and support that Linda Gentile has generated to rejuvenate and energize our great city. Do yourself a favor go downtown and look at the resurgence happening on our main street. Ansonia and Derby are coming back and I’m on board. During her 12 years of service she has elevated herself into positions of influence and has built relationships to get things done that a freshman representative just couldn’t do.
I am a registered republican that briefly threw my name in the hat as a challenger to her in the last election. Although I firmly believe in republican principles I also believe in doing what is takes to get things done. I like results and if that means crossing party lines to elect the best person for the job then so be it.
On, November 8th there are many critical decisions to be made about which candidates will serve us best along with important referendums. You have a voice; this is our city please exercise this privilege and get out and vote because your opinion does matter.
My name is Garry W Giannone and I am casting my vote for Linda M Gentile because she is the best person for the job. Please consider doing the same to keep the positive momentum going so we can make Ansonia and Derby great again.
Garry W Giannone

(This is a letter to the editor submitted by Garry Giannone)

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