Monday, March 24, 2014

Strand Ole Opry rocks Seymour

This is the scene at the finale of the Strand Ole Opry event Saturday night at the Strand Theater in downtown Seymour.  The concert brought together more than 25 musicians from across the state. / Photo submitted by Joseph Luciano


Anonymous said...

At last! A sold-out live music performance on-stage at Seymour's Strand Theater, thanks to the vision of producer (farm girl) Kim Dulka, owner of downtown Seymour's The All-American Valley General Store & Red Clover Café.
The audience clapped and stomped feet enthusiastically to the driving beat of over 25 performers and groups from 7:30 to way beyond 10:00pm.
Thanks, Kimmie, for listening to yourself, volunteers, and your supporters -- not the nay-Sayers who tried to sabotage if not undermine or obstruct your mission to demonstrate that Seymour (and the valley) want live entertainment on the Strand's stage.
Strand can live! Your initiative demonstrates that the Strand has a future, now revived with a glorious new purpose—live bluegrass, country, gospel, blues.
Others may catch on to your idea and present their productions here at “our Strand”—that is if all downtown businesses can unite to cooperate.
Next: a street jazz festival, kicked off at the Strand! ###

Chris/ said...

I was so happy to hear this great event was sold out. I was also very glad to hear that they would like to do this every month! I hope they are able to do that. The energy that went in to making this happen was extraordinary. The people worked for hours setting up the sound system and the whole thing went off without a hitch -- at least that's what it seemed like from the audience. I hope to see this happen again and I will do my best to be there. Best wishes to everyone involved.

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