Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shelton FD reminds residents to take safety on vacation

SHELTON – During this upcoming vacation season, the Shelton Fire Prevention Bureau reminds everyone to consider fire safety when traveling.
According to Ted Pisciotta, Assistant Chief – Fire Prevention, concern for fire safety should not be left home as the risk of injury or death from fire remains wherever we go. 
 Following are a few safety tips to assist you in preparing for fire safe traveling: 
           Choose a place to stay that is protected by both smoke alarms and a fire sprinkler system.  A quick and easy way to find a hotel or motel that you can be confident will have these safety features is to log onto the United States Fire Administration website at www.usfa.fema.gov and look under the “Hotel-Motel List” tab. 
          Simply enter a property name, city, or state for a quick search. Facilities meeting requirements of the Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act of 1990 are listed on this site. 
         This Act was passed into law by Congress to save lives and protect property by promoting fire and life safety in hotels, motels and other places of public accommodation. 
        The law mandates that federal employees on travel must stay in public accommodations that adhere to the life safety requirements in the legislation guidelines.  It also states that federally funded meetings and conferences cannot be held in properties that do not comply with the law. 
      Facilities that meet the requirements of this law are equipped with smoke detection and sprinklers. It’s smart for any individual, family, or business to follow this same practice.
  •        Take a flashlight.
  •        Read the fire evacuation plan of the facility you are staying in carefully. Often it is posted on the inside of your room door.  If one is not posted in your room, request one from the front desk.
  •        Locate two exits from your room, floor, and building. Take a quick walk and get familiar with the layout.  Make sure the exits are unlocked and unobstructed. If they are locked or obstructed, report it to management immediately.
  •        Count the number of doors between your room and the exits. This will assist you in the need of an emergency evacuation.
  •        Locate the fire alarms on your floor.  When you check in, ask the front desk what the fire alarm sounds like. If the alarm sounds, evacuate immediately. Use the stairs — never use elevators during a fire.
  •        Many lodging facilities now have kitchens or cooking areas, the most common area where fires occur.  Therefore, follow the same fire safety rules as at home: pay attention at all times and use heating devices properly. 
         For information, contact the Shelton Fire Prevention Bureau, 203-924-1555 or under"Public Safety" at www.cityofshelton.org.

          This post is taken from a press release from Ted Pisciotta, Assistant Chief - Fire Prevention.

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