Friday, May 10, 2013

DeLauro speaks on strengthening gun-control measures

U.S. Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro, D-3, helped welcome the Congressional Gun Violence Prevention Task Force to Hartford today for a discussion on gun violence in Connecticut and across the nation.

DeLauro is a member of the Task Force and strongly supports strengthened measures to prevent gun violence from occurring.

The following remarks are as prepared for delivery:

“Good morning. It is good to be with you. I want to thank my good friend Mike Thompson for holding this field hearing of the Congressional Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. I applaud you, and Congressman John Larson, for leading the charge in the House for comprehensive background checks. I hope your bipartisan bill receives a vote in the House as soon as possible.

“Thanks to Congressman Larson, Mayor Segarra, Superintendent. Kishimoto, and everyone here at Hartford High for hosting us. And let me acknowledge Governor Malloy, Senators Murphy and Blumenthal, and all the other officials and panelists here to discuss these important issues. Thank you for sharing your time and insights.

“It has been over four months since Sandy Hook. The families of Newtown, and families all across America, are waiting for action. But, quite frankly, the Senate and the House have so far been derelict in their basic responsibilities to these families.

“Even though 90 percent of Americans support background checks, the bipartisan bill to require them on all gun purchases was recently defeated by a Senate minority. The House has taken no action, even, though as I said both Congressman Thompson and Congressman Larson had put forward the same bipartisan bill as the Senate. And this week, we have seen Republican Senators try to add pro-gun riders to completely unrelated legislation, like the bill authorizing water projects for the Army Corps. It is shameful.

“After Newtown, President Obama came here to Connecticut and asked if we were doing everything we could to protect our kids from gun violence. The answer, he admitted, was no. Four months later, that answer is still no. America wants action. We have to move forward in a common-sense and responsible fashion to prevent gun violence in our schools and on our streets

“That means a stronger, more comprehensive system of criminal background checks for gun purchasers, making gun trafficking a federal crime, allowing gun violence research and otherwise supporting public safety officials. And it means ensuring better access to mental health care for those in need, particularly young people, as will be discussed today.

“We need to keep pushing to make these common-sense reforms happen. So I am glad to see Congressman Thompson and the Task Force here today to learn more. Thank you for staying involved.”

This information is from a press release from DeLauro's office.

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