Monday, May 13, 2013

Mystery photo from fair in Ansonia

Where was this ball python and how did he get the name "E.T."?

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Here Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center ranger Marty Wigglesworth shows off a ball python he brought to Friday's fourth annual Culture Fair at Ansonia Middle School.

The snake's markings resemble the movie character E.T., which is why he got the moniker "E.T.," Wigglesworth said.

I'm just happy the snake didn't get loose in the middle school gym!

The fair, sponsored by the school's Human Relations Club, featured booths with information about ethnic traditions, local history, music, nature, and more.

Kudos to Lisa Nicolari, Mary Gibson, Nick Collicelli and everyone else who worked hard to make the fair a most enjoyable event for AMS students and the community.

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