Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Seymour Middle School ambassadors meet with 5th graders

Visit Bungay, Chatfield-LoPresti schools
Bungay School Principal Mary Sue Feige, far left, speaks to middle school ambassadors. 

SEYMOUR - On Tuesday 15 Student Ambassadors from Seymour Middle School traveled to Bungay and Chatfield-Lopresti Elementary Schools to speak to fifth graders about transitioning to the middle school next year.  

Seymour Middle School students applied and were selected to represent their school for this yearly program.

Students spoke about different aspects of middle school life from classes to enrichment activities.  
Ambassadors also took questions from the fifth graders to help prepare them for the transition.  

This information and photo were taken from a press release from Bungay School.  

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