Friday, February 21, 2014

Kelly to help displaced Sikorsky workers

Company to lay off more than 600  
HARTFORD - State Sen. Kevin Kelly, R-Stratford, released the following statement today regarding the announcement of over 600 layoffs at Sikorsky Aircraft, with a majority of those layoffs happening in Stratford.

Kevin Kelly
“I am extremely disappointed that Sikorsky will be eliminating so many jobs here in Connecticut. Hundreds of families will be negatively impacted by this decision, and my heart goes out to these individuals. Our community will suffer greatly from this loss," he said.
“Right now my top concern is to help the displaced workers. But we also must look at the bigger issues at play. Connecticut’s economy is suffering and our job market is shrinking. When a layoff of this scale occurs, it becomes clear that Connecticut is in trouble. If our employers cannot prosper, neither can our people,” Kelly said.

In an effort to help the community, Kelly will be sending a letter to Department of Labor Commissioner Glen Marshall expressing his concerns and requesting that the department’s Rapid Response Team be dispatched to educate the workers about training opportunities, job search assistance and unemployment benefits.
This is a press release from Kelly's office. 

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