Monday, February 17, 2014

Touring an unusual office space in Seymour

Larry Janesky, owner of Basement Systems, Inc. in Seymour, talks about his latest office space, Boomtown, recently completed at company headquarters in Silvermine Industrial Park. 

SEYMOUR - I'd like to thank Larry Janesky for giving me a tour Friday of Boomtown, a work space designed to look and feel like an 1880s mining town.

It's unique, that's for sure. He said it took a crew of carpenters and other workers about three months to build.
Boomtown adjoins other unique work areas he has created for his employees, including the Tree House, the Tree Fort and the Eye Star Station.

Boomtown includes a town hall...

water tower, mine, general store,

chapel, (at rear to right of water tower) and 28 work stations.

A huge skylight offers lots of natural light.

It sure looks like a fun place to go to work every day.

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