Saturday, March 31, 2012

W.E. Bassett closing to affect 200-225 jobs in Shelton

By Phyllis Swebilius
Register Staff
SHELTON — Mayor Mark A. Lauretti said closing of the W.E. Bassett Co. will mean the loss of 200 to 225 jobs.
But more than the economics, Lauretti said, “This is a people story.”
“When you have a company that’s been in the Valley for over 50 years and we lose them, how can it not have an impact?”
“Where do all those people who have worked for them for all those years go?”
The acquisition of the W.E. Bassett Co., on Trap Falls Road Extension, by Pacific World Corp. was announced in November. A Bassett official told Lauretti about six weeks ago that the company was moving, the mayor said.
Craig Finney, Bassett Co. president, could not be reached for comment.
The manufacturer’s personal care products include the Trim line of manicure sets and eyebrow shapers.

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