Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Found: Froyo in Orange

... and it was delicious.

To follow up on our recent visit to the Shelton location of Peachwave self-serve frozen yogurt, daughter Allegra and I tried out self-serve NuVita Frozen Yogurt & Cafe Tuesday.

The shop is in the Firelite Shopping Center on Old Tavern Road in Orange.

It was almost the same experience as we had at Peachwave.

NuVita offered a few less flavor choices but the frozen yogurt was just as good.

I chose to combine two: peach and cookies 'n cream. I opted for healthier toppings than Allegra chose: strawberries and blueberries.
She on the other hand chose Kit Kat pieces, peanut butter cup pieces and sprinkles to top her cake batter and cookies 'n cream frozen yogurt and a "few" strawberries.

As you can see I couldn't resist a bit of whipped cream and a "few" chocolate sprinkles on top!

There are also sweetened cereal pieces as well as fruit and candies from which to choose.

NuVita also is a cafe with a variety of coffee choices. Both places had friendly clerks who offered us froyo samples when we walked in the store.

If you like frozen yogurt I'd recommend going to either of these chains for a sweet frozen treat.

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