Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sharing first day of kindergarten photos in Derby

Irving School kindergartner Harley Daniels, 5, shows off her 'rock star shirt' on the first day of school Wednesday.

Bradley School kindergartner Addison Brunetti, 4, waits to meet her new teacher with her dad, Joseph Brunetti, on the first day of school Wednesday. 

DERBY - The first day of school is always a big day for youngsters but for a kindergartner it must be overwhelming, with all those big people saying good morning and asking you your name, and more. 

I cried on my first day of kindergarten at High Plains School (now Community Center) in Orange. And I even had my best friend with me in the classroom. She wasn't scared at all.

I on the other hand was petrified, probably because I hadn't had any preschool experience.
Or maybe it was because I was an only child. My friend Suzy was the oldest of "many."

Here's to a great school year for students everywhere.

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Dianne said...

they are so cute, so sweet

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