Monday, August 26, 2013

Salvation Army gives out school supplies at Fun Fest in Ansonia

Inflatable basketball hoops stand ready Sunday morning for the kids to arrive.

ANSONIA - As members of the Advisory Board for the Greater Valley Salvation Army, my husband Ralph and I attended Sunday afternoon's Back-to-School Fun Fest at the Salvation Army HQ. It was a wonderful event for some of the needy families in the Valley.

Salvation Army Major Theresa Burkholder, who has been working in Ansonia for five years, has been reassigned to Providence. Staff and volunteers will soon welcome Lieutenants Anthony and Stephanie Rivera and their son, Ethan.
The line started to grow as it got closer to 1 p.m. Two Griffin Hospital Valley Parish Nurses, Cary Carpino and Maggie Sessa, arrived with the hospital's mobile Resource Center to do their community outreach work.

Seventh grader Jontea Hargrove, 12, of Ansonia, is 'wearing' three backpacks she had picked up for herself and siblings. Her sister, Anjahane McFadden, 2, was along for the fun.

This little guy was learning how to bounce a basketball.

He didn't quite seem to get the hang of the hula hoop.

This girl braved the dunk tank. Here she is on her way into the water.

The line to take a turn was long but the kids didn't seem to mind the wait.

It's safe to say everyone who attended the fun fest had a good time. There was also a bounce house, which was a big draw for the little ones.

Hot dogs, chips, cupcakes, and lemonade were available for all, as were school supplies for those who had pre-registered. There were some extra ones given out to those parents who could produce proper identification.
Inside the sanctuary, backpacks filled with supplies and categorized for children going into K-Grade 5, middle school Grades 6-8 and high school.

And more!

Deflated hoops game symbolizes the party is over.

Plaudits go out to all those who organized the event to make back-to-school a positive experience for needy children.

And I wish Major Theresa all the best in her new position.


Michele said...

What a great project!

Michele said...

Great uplifting story

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