Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TEAM in Derby uses technology to reinforce math, reading

Preschoolers learn computer skills at TEAM Early Education. / Contributed photo

DERBY - The generosity of Pitney Bowes provided a seven-week enrichment program of computer-assisted learning for area students.

Preschool children learned technology skills with a laptop and tablet, and participated in activities that reinforced math and reading readiness skills.

In each weekly class four children met with an instructor, for a 30-minute lesson. More than 220 children benefited from the program.
“The students greatly enjoyed their Friday computer lessons and learning about all the different countries. Many of the children can now navigate our computer with greater ease because of the skills they learned,” teachers of TEAM Early Education reported.
Skills assessed
Students were assessed on their cultural and language skills in identifying numbers, colors and vocabulary in both English and Spanish.
They were also assessed on technology hardware vocabulary and basic skills in manipulating the mouse, touch screen and keyboard. 
“This Computer Tots program established computer skills that the children will use for the rest of their lives. We are very proud of this initiative to improve the school readiness skills for each student and the progress they made during the seven week program,” said David Morgan, TEAM Vice President of Early Education.

Technology lesson taught at TEAM Early Education. / Contributed photo

This post is taken from a press release from TEAM, Inc. in Derby.

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