Friday, July 13, 2012

Would you like some history with your ice cream?

Ice cream 101: part three 

On Thursday my son Cameron and I took a short ride from our Ansonia home to the Whittemore Tavern, 114 S. Main St., Seymour, to sample some Whittemore Ice Cream.
In the 18th century, when Seymour was part of Derby, it was owned by Turell Whittemore.

We often drive past the historic building - famous for being the site in March, 1780 where a group of men gathered to plan a raid on the Bethany home of Capt. Ebenezer Dayton - but never stopped there.

So it was time to give the place a try. I ordered a cone with toasted almond ice cream topped with chocolate sprinkles.
It was delicious. I can't remember ever having toasted almond ice cream before. I've led a sheltered life.

Cameron got a cup of Moose Tracks ice cream covered with mixed nuts and whipped cream. He gave it a thumbs up.

There is indoor seating in air-conditioned comfort available. We opted to brave the heat and sit outside under an umbrella at one of six picnic tables.

I made a decision while there: no more cones.
What was I thinking? I ended up wearing toasted almond and sprinkles on my arms, my fingers and even on my pants.
Next time I think I'll skip the sprinkles.

What a mess. I couldn't keep up with the melting.

Cameron told me he learned when he was little not to order cones. Smart young man I have there!

I probably taught him that, but forgot to take my own advice.

Would we go back? Yes, but not until we've visited some other ice cream shops on my ever-growing list.

In case you missed them, here are my first and second stops. 

On to our next location...where will it be?


Wendy DiCarlo said...

Will you be going to Oxford? I can't remember the name of the farm - but on Route 67 on the left hand side is a little farm with cows that roam in the front and they have really good Icecream you can also buy Raw milk ...the icecream is really good. Also the farm in Derby on 34 they have icecream too!

Patti said...

Yes, Rich Farm is on the list, as is Field View Farm in Orange/Derby.


Anonymous said...

Patti, melting ice cream is exactly the reason I always get a cup and not a cone- I can't bear to waste a single drop of it, although I do miss biting the end off the cone to get out the last of the ice cream. The last time I was at Whittemore, we sat inside since it was raining and the air conditioning was on freezing, so just beware if you eat inside. Great ice cream there and a whole bunch of choices.

Michele said...

Love moose track! Cam is so smart because he has smart parents!

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