Friday, February 24, 2012

Chlorine causes evacuation of Seymour High School

Students and staff evacuate Seymour High School Friday morning. Patricia Villers/Register  

By Jean Falbo-Sosnovich
Register Correspondent
SEYMOUR — A bottle of chlorine that may have gotten wet and appeared to be “bulging and bubbling over”  triggered a "lockdown" at Seymour High School and the evacuation of the staff and student body around 10:45 this morning.
Lt. Paul Satkowski said the evacuation of the school was prompted by delivery of the suspicious  bottle.  The delivery was made to the pool entrance of the school. 
Details were not available on  whether the bottle of chlorine was a 1-gallon, 5-gallon or larger container, Satkowski said. It was also not immediately known who, or what company, made the delivery.
Fire, police, and ambulance personnel were dispatched to the school.

Read the full story here.

Students and staff Friday spent more than an hour in an athletic equipment storage building after being evacuated from Seymour High School. Patricia Villers/Register

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