Thursday, January 16, 2014

Derby officials close O'Sullivan's Island

DERBY - This was the scene Thursday afternoon on O'Sullivan's Island, where caution tape has been placed along the perimeter of the site. City officials have closed the recreational area in the interest of public health and safety.
The land is at the confluence of the Housatonic and Naugatuck Rivers.

Mayor Anita Dugatto learned soon after taking office the city was under threat of litigation from the federal Environmental Protection Agency concerning about $4 million in costs related to cleanup of the site several years ago.

Dugatto and Corporation Counsel Kevin Blake met Thursday with Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Daniel Etsy and state Rep. Linda M. Gentile, D-Ansonia, to discuss the situation.
Gentile chairs the Environment Committee.

Dugatto said Etsy and Gentile "were sympathetic to our plight." Resolving the situation is a high priority for her administration, she said.

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