Friday, May 25, 2012

Eating out in Derby: Food is always a good topic for a post

With the long Memorial Day holiday weekend at our doorstep, I'm sharing a few words about food. Not the kind you cook at home, but rather the kind you enjoy at a restaurant.

This post is from a post written by my husband, Ralph, on his personal blog.

The place is Grant's Smoke & Bones BBQ in Derby, which opened in early November. I wrote a story about the grand opening celebration, but only had a piece of the celebration cake that day.

We finally got a chance to taste the BBQ fare one night in March. And we liked it!

Here's an edited version of his original post:

"On Friday, Patti, Allegra, and I traveled two miles from our Ansonia home to Derby to a delightful new BBQ restaurant, Smoke and Bones. It is about the only traditional low-and-slow barbecue in southern Connecticut.

"The building dates
back to around 1900, sits next to railroad tracks, and was a packing plant for the Armour meat company. The striped awnings add a bit of whimsical chic to the brick edifice.

"Inside, diners are treated to this heavy steel door. Not pretty, yet its function is what defined its looks.

"As we know, the building is next to the RR tracks, so this door opened up to a dock where the beef was offloaded from a rail car all those years ago...

"The food was smoked perfectly, I had sausage but the brisket looked divine."

We highly recommend the restaurant, and plan to go back there soon, on our upcoming summer staycations.

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This looks fabulous!

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