Thursday, June 14, 2012

Valley EMS outfits vehicles with new siren technology

Valley EMS Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation serving the population of the Naugatuck Valley, has outfitted its fleet of emergency vehicles with the latest in siren technology.

VEMS has hired Communications Services, Inc. of Seymour to outfit its fleet with Howler™ Low Frequency Tone Sirens made and sold by another Connecticut company, Whelen Engineering, Inc.   Valley EMS executive director Robert Pettinella decided to upgrade the vehicles' response capabilities as the older fleet was being replaced. 

He said the technology is very much like that used in after-market stereo equipment, the kind that produces a large tempo of booms when the vehicle is stopped?
The low frequencies are produced by a type of sub-woofer built into the siren and mounted in front of the response vehicle.

This low frequency then is emitted with the tones of the sirens and allows drivers around the emergency vehicle to not only hear, but also feel its approach.
This reduces the risk of collisions with pedestrians, vehicles, and VEMS'  Regional Paramedic Response Vehicles. 
Pettinella said VEMS vehicles cover over 106 square miles throughout the region. As such, traveling through multiple towns and intersections is common.
This new technology will help paramedics get to their destinations safer and possibly quicker than ever before.
Pettinella said he believes Valley EMS may be the only service in the state to have outfitted its entire fleet with this new technology.

The above was taken from a release from Pettinella.

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