Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Driver, passenger unhurt as car slides into embankment in Seymour

By Patricia Villers
Register Staff
SEYMOUR - Resident Evelyn Molner, 63, and a female passenger also in her 60s escaped injury Wednesday when the vehicle in which they were riding slid down an embankment next to the Community Center parking lot and into the Naugatuck River, police said.
Lt. Paul Satkowski said Molner “hit the gas instead of the brake” and crashed into the wooden guardrail in the parking lot at 20 Pine St.
“The riverbed is low,” he said, and the vehicle stopped on “dirt, gravel and sand.”
Satkowski said if the water level had been higher it could have been a different situation. "We were very fortunate in that respect," he said.
Molner apparently was going to the senior center inside the community center to attend an event,  Satkowski said. “She pulled into the parking spot on the river edge and hit the gas instead of the brake.”
The car sustained minor damage, he said. It was driven a short way down the riverbed where it was pulled onto a tow truck. Public works employees will repair the guardrail, Satkowski said.

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