Friday, April 20, 2012

New push to resolve issues at Riverside Apartments in Ansonia

Tenants meet Thursday at Riverside Apartments on Olson Drive in Ansonia. Phyllis Swebilius/Register

By Phyllis Swebilius
Register Staff
ANSONIA — Aggressive dogs, abandoned vehicles, health hazards: Jimmy Miller, interim executive director of the Ansonia Housing Authority, is targeting them all.
Miller on Thursday evening updated Riverside Apartments tenants on how he is addressing those problems and more.
There is a push, he said, to keep the grounds clean and remove abandoned vehicles; have extra patrols by police officers; crack down immediately on illegal residents and dogs; and help tenants who have health hazards in their apartments caused by mold, mildew and a leaking roof.
The nine-building complex on Olson Drive is due for eventual replacement in two stages. Two of the original 11 apartment buildings were razed in September 2009. The site was developed a half-century ago. Miller has said he wants to see the south side residents moved out by the time school starts in September.

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